Upcoming Seminars:

Business Workshop - Do You Really Know Your People?

Date/Time: Wednesday July 30, 2014 from 10:00AM to 12:30PM EDT

Location: South Bowie Library
Bowie, MD 20721   


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Seminars and Workshops:

  • Customer Loyalty Management Awareness Workshop
  • Increase Sustained Profitability � Developing a Customer Loyalty Strategy
  • Key Measurements for Building a Loyal Customer Base
  • The Power of Customer Loyalty � Points of Connection
  • The First Step to Great Leadership � Creating a Compelling Vision
  • The Real Leadership Challenge � Getting and Maintaining Peak Performance
  • How to Outperform and Outlast the Competition � Embracing Change
  • Filling Your Sales Funnel
  • Increasing Sales Through Networking
  • Winning at Sales
  • Time Strategies
  • A Crash Course in Goal Setting
  • Innovation Through the Eyes of the Customer
  • A Product of Our Past: Bridging the Generation Gap
  • How to Survive and Thrive in Today�s Business World
  • Team Building
  • Fail-Safe Leadership